Sliink’s Take On Nadus’ “Nxwxrk” Bangs Like You Expect It Would

It’s your morning cup of coffee...and your midnight Red Bull.

December 16, 2014

One of the best descriptions of Jersey Club out there comes from scene stalwart UNiiQU3 in Ruth Saxelby's oral history of the genre: "Jersey Club is your morning coffee and your midnight Red Bull. It's the best genre, ranging from 130 to 140BPM with hard kicks and catchy vocals." Today we're premiering Sliink's "I Run New Jersey" remix of Nadus' glorious "Nxwxrk," and it bangs just like you'd expect it would, with total relentlessness and an unflinching determination to reinvent itself every sixteen bars; it's pretty much the perfect example of UNIIQU3's quote above.

In an email, Sliink told FADER the following about his version: "Nadus is one of my closest friends, in life and music. I was able to hear the original NxWxrk record in it's earliest demo stages. This record is so defining for our movement from New Jersey to the world, and has been a huge part of our live sets. When Nadus asked me to do the remix, I was honored. Like him, I want to keep putting on for Jersey. While it was a masterpiece in its original form, I wanted to add a little Sliink flavor. Hope you all enjoy the remix. #WeRunNewJersey."

Posted: December 16, 2014
Sliink’s Take On Nadus’ “Nxwxrk” Bangs Like You Expect It Would