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MNEK’s “Suddenly” Is Passionate, Ethereal Balladry

Check out the slow-burning closer from the singer/songwriter’s new EP.

March 19, 2015

Singer/songwriter/producer MNEK is building quite a resumé for himself: to wit, he had a hand in one of 2013's most beautiful slow-burning house-pop songs, Rudimental's "Spoons." He's got a new EP, Small Talk, out tomorrow, March 20—and this closing cut is similarly floaty and isolated, a beautiful ballad that showcases his very impressive talents nicely.

"'Suddenly' is one of the very few songs I've ever written that was based on a real story," MNEK told FADER in an email. "It's about this time when I was 18 and I became infatuated with somebody really quickly after making out with them in a club. I was already making plans in my head of what could have been and how we could have been together. They led me on to think it was the start of something but then I got friend-zoned cos "it's a crazy time in their career right now." It left me a bit dark inside for a minute, and it led me to write this song. It has one of my favourite lyrics I've ever written; "Can we afford to be a chord or are we just drifting melodies?". This is 'Suddenly.'"

MNEK’s “Suddenly” Is Passionate, Ethereal Balladry