What We’re Thankful For

We asked 13 FADER artists what they’re giving thanks for this year. Their answers—from Gossip Girl to lobster—were as diverse as the music they make, but for everyone, a supportive community was key.

November 25, 2015

Even in a year of significant upheaval and chaos, there's a lot to appreciate. This Thanksgiving, we continued our annual tradition of asking members of the FADER family what they appreciated most this year. A$AP Ferg gave love to one of his biggest idols, Alessia Cara took time to evaluate her recent success, and Kranium kept it simple and sweet. Here's to more success. *clinks glasses*


A$AP Ferg
I’m thankful for Jay Z, because he showed us we could be entrepreneurs—more than just young artists. He told us to own our artistry and push the culture forward.

Alessia Cara
I’m think I’m thankful for my song ["Here"]. My song has gotten me to all of these different places. I’m thankful for all of the people for the team at Def Jam and everyone listening to my music.


Quentin Miller
I’m thankful for good music. Being a part of really good music this year—I said that.

I'm thankful for the ability to think on my own. I'm thankful for being fearless. I'm thankful for people who support my craft, genuinely. I'm thankful for five dollars to get a burrito. I'm fucking thankful for the everyday normal things that people don't really consider to be big, because you're always traveling and doing things. You're not really attached to anything, y'know, so I'm thankful for all the little things that people don't really think about.

CHARLES: I'm thankful for these boys! Thankful to be able to go out with these guys and work with them.
ZIYAD: I'm really thankful for the close relationships that I have. Just having enough people around me that I love all the time. In Chicago and elsewhere—I think it's the most important thing.
JOSIAH: I'm thankful for my family. I don't live in the same state as my family anymore but I'm thankful for this family.
MALCOLM: I'm thankful for the circumstances around me and everyone's support and everyone's mutual love for one another. I think that's a healthy environment for both creativity and love to prosper.
WILL: Also thankful for peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
JULIEN: I've watched a shit ton of teen dramas over the last year that got me through a really tough winter. That Chicago winter. So I'm thankful for that, like, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill. Friday Night Lights is the shit. The OC is cool.
JOSIAH: I'm thankful for Pax 2.
JULIEN: Pax vape!
MAX: Pax vape and Stacks vaporizers.
MALCOLM: Thankful for Stagecoach festival and their future acceptance of us into their festival. Future shouts out. Thank you. Actually, we just got a booking agent, so we're thankful for that.


I'm thankful for everything! I'm thankful for my family. That I get to do what I love for a living. That I get to live in New York. Everything.

Allan Kingdom
I'm thankful for just being alive and my family. And my fans, that's it.

Little Simz
My health and my family.



Conner Youngblood
I just bought a bass clarinet. Thankful for no more squeaking on my bass clarinet—I'm hitting the low C, that bottom C.

I don't like Turkey. Turkey's lame. I usually go with lobster. Our family's all into seafood. Half of them have become vegan or vegetarian, which is strange, but Thanksgiving and Christmas—the traditional stuff we kinda throw out the window and it's usually crab, lobster. My mom is from Louisiana and just likes her seafood. I'm thankful for my family.


Young Dro
I’m thankful for my new son. My junior. I’m also thankful to have God as my leader.

Thankful for being surrounded by positive people, family, friends, and supportive community.

Dilly Dally
KATIE: I'm thankful for people listening to our music, people coming to our shows. Heading out for a tour with my three best friends.
BEN: Ditto.
LIZ: Lots of love.
JT: Thankful for buds.

What We’re Thankful For