Un Blonde’s “Staying In Line” Is A Restless Soul Spiritual

Get inspired with the Montreal artist’s latest track.

May 20, 2016
Un Blonde’s “Staying In Line” Is A Restless Soul Spiritual Carolyn Hirtle

Un Blonde came to be known for his manic post-punk on albums like 2014's Tenet, but what always helped separate Jean-Sebastien Audet from other angular Canadian groups like Women is his genre-defying ear for melody. "Staying In Line" is taken from Un Blonde's upcoming record Good Will Come To You (out June 1 on Egg Paper Records) and gives the soul glimmering in Audet's catalogue the spotlight it deserves. The result is something like if D'Angelo holed up near a Montreal pier and demoed an acoustic spiritual about staying resolute in the face of overwhelming odds. During the song Audet beseeches the title of his album Good will come to me/ Good will come to us, and his honeyed delivery makes believing him as simple as the song itself.


Over email, Audet told us the inspiration behind the song and album. Preorder Good Will Come To You at Bandcamp.

The album is the sky, ground, friends, family, traffic, birds, breeze. The harmonies are the other people on the street—they understand my day. They're walking their dogs, getting groceries, waiting for the bus, singing along. Each day is a different song.

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Un Blonde’s “Staying In Line” Is A Restless Soul Spiritual