Sevdaliza’s “Hear My Pain Heal” video is a dream-state murder mystery

Watch visuals for a previously unreleased track from her debut album ISON

November 21, 2017

A few days after Sevdaliza shared her debut album ISON with the world, she alluded to an extra, unreleased track called "Hear My Pain Heal." The song, an obsidian trip-hop elegy, is out today, and The FADER is premiering its fantastic video, directed by Ian Pons Jewell. Sevdaliza stars in a living tableau strongly resembling both a crime scene and the exact moment when a dream tips into a nightmare. The reality contained in the video's stately mansion is an unsettling one, but Sevdaliza's captivating performance makes her seem right at home in a place beyond waking life.


Ian Pons Jewell and Sevdaliza emailed The FADER a joint statement on the video's creation. "It's difficult to explain 'Hear My Pain Heal' in terms of its narrative, as it came about as a hallucinatory or dreamlike experience. Sevdaliza mourning at these large bare feet, crying for her lost ones, his head covered by the shadows from the tablecloth. A strange synchronous relationship between the director Ian Pons Jewell and Sevdaliza resulted in 'Hear My Pain Heal.'"

Sevdaliza's debut album ISON is out now. Read her GEN F profile here.

Thumbnail photo by Beth Vargas

Sevdaliza’s “Hear My Pain Heal” video is a dream-state murder mystery