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The Next Kanye West Album Will Be Produced by Q-Tip and Rick Rubin, Says Q-Tip

“I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin…That’s coming up,” Q-Tip told Elliott Wilson in a newly released interview filmed last month at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where A Tribe Called Quest opened for West. (Q-Tip … read more »

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Live: Yeezus Preaches the Word, But Will the World Listen?

TWO NIGHTS AT THE CHURCH OF KANYE WEST IN NEW YORK Yeezy season has officially passed through NYC, leaving a frigid cold front and slew of unforgettable, Auto-Tuned speeches in its wake. I attending the … read more »

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Watch A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes Perform “Scenario” in 2013

A Tribe Called Quest performed the first of what Q-Tip has called the group’s “FINAL 2 joints” last night at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where they opened for Kanye West. (They’ll play again on Sunday at … read more »

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Kanye West and Q-Tip Bug Out for “Award Tour” at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Over the weekend, Kanye West made a surprise appearance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Before performing a three song solo set, he joined scheduled headliner Q-Tip onstage to perform “Award Tour,” a song Q-Tip … read more »

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Reheaters: Michael Rapaport Looks at A Tribe Called Quest

The track record for artist-specific rap documentaries is not stellar. Often they look cheap, are poorly shot and barely tell any kind of story. Actor and film director, Michael Rapaport, changed that with Beats, Rhymes … read more »

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Video: A Tribe Called Quest Perform “Rhythm (Art Of Moving Butts)” Live in 1990

Tribe Called Quest archival measures are at a all time high in recent days. First we saw their heretofore unknown demo tape from 1989 pop up on eBay, where it eventually sold for $880. Rumor … read more »

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Live: Rock the Bells Surprises from Wu-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill and A Tribe Called Quest

The New York leg of Rock the Bells was on Governor’s Island this year, a breezy late-summer setting that time-warped the crowd into the summer of ’94, where street festivals/neighborhood block parties blasted jams and … read more »

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Review: Raphael Saadiq Live in NYC

Saadiq and his dapper band were captivating. read more »

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Freeload: J. Period + Q-Tip, The [Abstract] Best Mixtape

We weren’t as jazzed on Q-Tip‘s most recent album as a lot of you guys, but that never stopped us from appreciating dude’s ability to continuously make songs that people actually want to listen to. … read more »

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Freeload: Diplo, “Brew Barrymore”

We will put Tribe’s “Electric Relaxation” on every summer bbq mix from now until the day the music dies, and apparently we have a brother in Diplo. He put up this sort of remix, sort … read more »

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