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The Long-Awaited Arthur Russell Tribute Album Is Coming

Unsure whether to shake, scream, laugh, or cry about this, but the long-awaited tribute album to the inimitable Arthur Russell, he of the immediately recognizable raw voice and untimely death of AIDS, has finally announced … read more »

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The Best Presents For Music Nerds

People got trampled and pepper sprayed while holiday shopping on Black Friday, but it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve compiled some of the best gift ideas on the internet, all easy to buy … read more »

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Video: Arthur Russell, “Let’s Go Swimming”

Miraculously, there is still new Arthur Russell material being found and released. While Steve Knutson of Audika Records, Russell’s primary historian and champion, was combing through the archives, Tom Lee, Russell’s partner directed him to … read more »

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Labyrinth Ear, “Walk on the Moon (Arthur Russell Rework)” MP3

It’s hard to know how to precisely credit Labyrinth Ear for their subtle but effective handling of one of Arthur Russell‘s greatest songs. The New Cross, London duo built right on top of the original, … read more »


Stream: The Terrible Vin Diesel and Arthur Russell Collaboration

Long before he was fast and furious, Vin Diesel was a New York City hipster. In the early ’80s, he rolled with the cool crowd, including much-beloved cellist Arthur Russell. That friendship, it turns out, … read more »

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Pocketknife Arthur Russell Moving Me Up

Pocketknife Presents: Moving Me Up (Russell Mania) Mix

No idea how we managed to sleep on this for so long, but nicest dude in New York Pocketknife recently put together a mix of Arthur Russell songs, covers, edits and songs inspired by Russell. … read more »

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Holiday Shores, “Your Motion Says” (Arthur Russell Cover) MP3

This is not an invitation for every band to cover the immensely coverable Arthur Russell, but we will say that the majority of reworks we’ve heard lately have been pretty solid. Next in line is … read more »

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Pocketknife, “Get Around To It (Ray Burst Remix)” (Arthur Russell Cover) MP3

Electric Minds‘ tribute album to Arthur Russell features a cover of his song “Get Around to It” as re-imagined by Brooklyn-based DJ, Pocketknife. It is decidedly more disco than the original, but Joe Worricker’s vocal … read more »

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Exclusive: White Hinterland- Lucky Cloud (Arthur Russell Cover)

The sweet-sounding result of a student paying respect to a mentor. read more »

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Schnipper’s Slept On

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it’s Arthur Russell’s Love is Overtaking Me. Stream the title track, buy the album and … read more »

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