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Two-9 Drop an Industrial New Video For “Everything”

The Atlanta collective Two-9‘s biggest track remains the Mike Will Made It produced “Everything,” which received its video treatment today. Mike Will’s haunting metallic banger fits the industrial scene: round wooden creates, barrel fires and … read more »

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Migos Discovering New Lands in “England”

Migos’ pen game is a bit underrated. They write lyrics in a way that perfectly fit their trademark flow–a consistency that other lesser rappers have yet to grasp. “England” has the duo slowing up their … read more »

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808 Mafia’s Sizzle Explores His Options on Free Agent Mixtape

Back in 2010, when Lex Luger was the go-to southern producer of the moment, another Bricksquad affiliated beatmaker had a penchant for dark menacing beats: Southside on tha Track. He’s since changed his name to … read more »

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Download Scotty ATL’s On the Road 2 Spaghetti Junction EP

Though Atlanta has its famous MARTA system—sometimes jokingly referred to as Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta—it is a city centered around the car. This week, Scotty ATL released his latest mixtape, On the Road 2 … read more »

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Life Support

Hear Young Scooter and 2 Chainz’ Streets-Reverent “Life Support”

While other members of Freebandz offer variations on the trap formula—Future is a lover and Casino wields a booming voice—Young Scooter is a trapper on the surface and in his heart. The rapper is forever … read more »

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Bet It

Bankroll Fresh is Betting Stacks in “Bet It” Video

In his latest video, Atlanta’s Bankroll Fresh throws stacks on a pool table and gleefully mumbles about being ready to spend it at casino tables. The chorus is slyly catchy, threading together contributions from his … read more »

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Tony Hawk Whip My Wrist

Soulja Boy Whipping Wrists Like Tony Hawk

Soulja Boy’s 2014 could not be going any better. Drake graced and remixed “We Made It” into a high school and college graduation anthem, and Soulja’s hook on Nicki Minaj’s “Yasss Bish!!!” might stand as … read more »

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Get TF Out of My Face

Quan and Thugger Want Everyone Out of Their Faces in New Video

Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug’s new video for “Get TF Out of My Face” seems aggressively anti-social for two of Atlanta’s most likable figures. Thugger’s shining face graced our cover and Quan’s biggest hit … read more »

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K-Camp Drops “No Manners,” Still Has No Manners

K Camp faces the same question a number of post-Future Atlanta rappers have had to: how do they stand out among the stiff competition of rapper-turn-hook singers? Rich Homie Quan raised his profile by appearing … read more »

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Migos Go Round for Round in “Fight Night” Video

About a year after the release of their trendsetting mixtape Young Rich Niggas, Migos remain in the spotlight. They have kept the rap world’s attention by not slowing down with a new song, mixtape or … read more »

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