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Burial Takes a Selfie, Promises New Music

Though we’ve seen his face once before, William Emmanuel Bevan bka Burial has kept the details of his person-hood largely a secret since releasing with his highly-influential 2006 self-titled debut album of mid-aughts dub step. … read more »

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Stream: Burial and Four Tet, “Nova”

Burial and Four Tet have collaborated before, so you know what you’re going to get to an extent: Burial is going to do those drums that sound like sharpening swords, and Four Tet is going … read more »

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Stream: Burial’s Kindred EP

In lieu of vinyl after a pressing issue, Hyperdub has released Burial’s three-song EP, Kindred, on their site, digitally. We had a little taste of what was to come in December when track “Ashtray Wasp” … read more »

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A Year in Music: Sam Hockley-Smith

It’s difficult to differentiate a year in music from just a year. Beyonce exists because we hear her at the gym, Bill Callahan is important because he sings about America while we’re abroad, the first … read more »

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Stream: Burial, “Ashtray Wasp” (Radio Rip)

Last night Burial premiered a clip of “Ashtray Wasp” on Rinse’s new monthly Hyperdub show, hosted by Scratcha DVA. It sounds like coming to terms with getting your coal in your stocking, or the echoes … read more »

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Why Are Fan Videos Obsessed With The New Wave?

Jean-Luc Godard made films for a generation raised on Marx & Coca Cola, but it’s damn near impossible to name the innumerable icons to which to reduce ours, a generation that witnessed the quick rise … read more »

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Stream: Massive Attack and Burial, “Paradise Circus”

Should Burial maybe just produce the next Massive Attack album? That’s a free idea you guys totally didn’t think of already! “Paradise Circus” and “Four Walls” from the other day are close to perfect meeting … read more »

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Massive Attack and Burial: The Collaboration That Somehow Hasn’t Happened Until Now

When this hit our inboxes we were pretty surprised that this collaboration hadn’t happened yet. Massive Attack and Burial have made entire careers out of music that is the aural equivalent of the gloomiest moments … read more »

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Adult Swim’s Unclassified Compilation f. Burial, SBTRKT and Zomby MP3

Television channel Adult Swim and automaker Scion have released an 18 track compilation of “rare and unreleased” mostly-UK future music. It’s called Unclassified, it’s free and its producer list is actually pretty staggering: Burial, SBTRKT, … read more »

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Interview: Kode9

Kode9 & The Spaceape‘s sublime second album Black Sun comes out April 19th on Hyperdub, the seminal electronic label behind Burial, Joker and Zomby that Kode9—born Steve Goodman—founded in 2004. In addition to recording, DJing … read more »

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