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Chromatics, “Cherry” MP3

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re a music fan of a certain stripe, you’ve noticed that Chromatics are having a pretty big year. Kill For Love was a sprawling, career-defining album of late … read more »

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Download Chromatics’ Running From The Sun Mixtape


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Video: Chromatics, “Looking For Love”

Chromatics‘ “Looking For Love” comes from After Dark 2 (though the version on that album is 17 minutes long), the upcoming sequel to the seminal Italians Do It Better compilation that revitalized interest in italo … read more »

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Download a Remastered Version of Italians Do It Better’s After Dark Compilation

It went relatively unnoticed, but earlier this week over at the Italians Do It Better website, Glass Candy/Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel posted a remastered version of his label’s seminal first compilation After Dark for free. … read more »

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Download That Chromatics Album, Minus The Drums

Smack in the middle of an

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Stream Chromatics’ Album Kill for Love

The beauty of Glass Candy and Chromatics and actually just about everything released on the Italians Do It Better label is that each release populates an increasingly hermetic world of dusky sunset pinks, shiny cars, … read more »

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Live: Noise Pop 2012

San Francisco: neck tattoos, biker boots, pot smoke, excellent food, terrible jeans. Our Noise Pop adventure begins at a festival-sponsored happy hour at Benders bar in the Mission with the revelation, approximately ten seconds into … read more »

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Video: Chromatics, “Candy”

If you were one of the 50 million people who also went to the Cindy Sherman retrospective at MoMA on Sunday, you might have also nudged your way in front of one of her hyper-saturated … read more »

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Video: Chromatics, “Into the Black” (Neil Young Cover)

In the video for Chromatics’ “Into the Black,” we see two things: grainy, washed out shots of singer Ruth Radelet’s lips, and even grainier close-ups of a guitar being strummed. It’s slow-moving, simple and haunting, … read more »

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Video: Chromatics, “Kill For Love”

Chromatics have announced their fourth full-length, Kill For Love, out this January on Italians Do It Better. The underlying message of its title track is the jarringly plain vocals, mixed conspicuously without the fallback walls … read more »

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