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Video: Snoop Dogg and Dâm-Funk, “Do My Thang”

FADER PREMIERE Brothers in funk Snoopzilla and Dâm-Funk share a wavy video for “Do My Thang,” the kick-back-and-smoke-up single from their self-titled collaborative album 7 Days of Funk. Rocking a shirt from his paisley and … read more »

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Interview: Dam-Funk

Last week’s release of “Baby” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti confirmed that everything Dam-Funk puts his hands on comes out smooth. Even in this Step Into The Black interview, his voice sounds like butter melting … read more »

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Stream: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti f. Dam-Funk, “Baby”

As weird as he can get, Ariel Pink clearly has a longstanding love with older classics, so it’s no surprise that his cover of Donnie and Joe Emerson’s “Baby” is haunting, smokey and pretty faithful … read more »

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Video: Dam-Funk, “Candy Dancin (Live in Tampa)”

Judging by his effortlessly cool on-stage demeanor, you might never guess that Dam-Funk’s keytar was nearly lost in an airport mix-up right before his Step Into The Black performance in Tampa. Watch his soulful ode … read more »

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Dam-Funk Steps Into The Black in Tampa

Though he arrived to beautiful Tampa weather, things got off to a rocky start for Damon Riddick bka Dam-Funk at Thursday’s edition of the Step Into The Black series presented by Captain Morgan and FADER. … read more »

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Studio Time: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights’ 936 is a gorgeously relaxing album, filled with deep layers of dub and ghostly vocals. It’s an album that we couldn’t stop coming back to this year, and although it wasn’t our introduction … read more »

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Stream These Peaking Lights Remixes All Day

Although we’ve spent a good amount of time enjoying Peaking Lights’ blissed and dubbed out 936 over here in the states, it’s just now seeing release in the UK on Weird World Records. It’s a … read more »

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Dam-Funk, “Forever” MP3

There have been points in life where we’ve thought of Dam-Funk as a dude who just does one thing really well. It’s a kind of retro, pitch perfect take on a mishmash of genres all … read more »

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Stream: Benedek f. Dam-Funk, “That’s My Jam!”

Guess what? This song is all good vibes. Are you surprised? Are we surprised? It’s Dam-Funk. Whenever Dam-Funk does anything it is infused with sunlight and music that sounds like we should be at the … read more »

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Download Dam-Funk’s Mix for CLAE

CLAE’s Five by Five series is pairing up five DJs with five artists to create a collaborative audio/visual effort. Boogie-funk ambassador Dam-Funk cooked up this summer seasonal mix for the series’ first installment, which he … read more »

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