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frankie cosmos

Stream: Frankie Cosmos, “Owen”

For better or worse, Frankie Cosmos will probably forever be introduced as the singer with 40 self-released albums. It’s an odd fact, almost like a neg on her permanent record, simultaneous proof of success—what a … read more »

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Stream: Goldroom, “St. Ides Heaven” (Elliott Smith Cover)

LA’s Goldroom—formerly a producer of the same now and now a trio—make music that so far has been too unselfconsciously happy to evoke Elliott Smith in the slightest. Their glittery take on one of his … read more »

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Stream: Elliott Smith, “Punch and Judy” (Alternate Version)

August is Elliott Smith appreciation month over at Kill Rock Stars and the label will be releasing a series of reissues and unreleased tracks every week. Today, they posted what could only be called the … read more »

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Oscar Hosts With the Mostest (Tweets)?

I love the spectacle of the Oscars as much as anyone else who goes to Oscar parties wishing she could close caption the other partygoers (though, appreciates anyone who will endure and encourage her running … read more »

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Guitar Hero 5 To Include Sonic Youth, Elliott Smith Among Others

The former makes sense, but the latter? How many people out there have been clamoring to shred their way through “Between The Bars” or “Waltz #2″? “Needle In The Hay”? read more »

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Amazon Ranks Indie Rock In Top 100 Albums List

Nothing can induce a potent combination of nostalgia and rage like the time-honored top 100 list. All the major music magazines have come out with at least one or two, and Rolling Stone has about a one-per-month quota. But this latest one comes from a slightly unlikely source — Amazon.com. Apparently they don’t just sell you music. They might actually know a little something about it, too. Maybe. read more »

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