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Freak Scene: Oni Ayhun

If “Full of Fire,” the first single from The Knife’s Shaking The Habitual, says anything about the brother-sister duo’s brutal, difficult and often beautiful career as musicians obsessed with austere sterility and ghostly vocals, it’s … read more »

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CFCF’s Night Bus II Mix MP3

I understand the sentiment of the Night Bus genre and agree that it’s generally well named; it evokes a certain sort of feeling—long pans of America’s darkened interstate, headlights refracting off the window, alone among … read more »

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Fever Ray Plays “The Wolf” to Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood . Despite here, or catch it at the tail-end of what looks to be a pretty lousy movie trailer.

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Stream: Olof Dreijer of The Knife’s Darwin Like Variation on Different Vocal Expression and Styles Mix

What’s awesome about this is, despite the title’s claim to exploration, it’s four songs by legendary goth diva Diamanda Galas and then one by composer Meredith Monk, you know, to mix up the darkness with … read more »

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Fever Ray Creepifies Already Creepy Peter Gabriel Track

Peter Gabriel spent the early part of his career dressing up in flower and fox costumes, so it’s not surprising that Fever Ray was obsessed with him growing up—even her gothiest impulses are performative and … read more »

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Supreme Delivery

Darcel Disappoints Is An Illustrated Twitter

Darcel Disappoints is like a more beautiful, googley-eyed version of Twitter. Our tweets are majorly boring (“Drinking Coconut Water”, “Going to bed now”), but Australian artist Craig Redman turns his daily musings into whole illustrated … read more »

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Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Skeletons”

What would happen if Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fever Ray collaborated on a video? That measly shit Paranormal Activity was touting would look like Saturday morning cartoons. This video is beautiful and also sort of … read more »

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Fever Ray Halloween RA Podcast

If your only options for a Halloween costume at this point are Balloon Boy, some visual representation of Kanye interrupting something or Carles, please get off the internet (after you’re done reading a bunch of … read more »

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Video: Fever Ray, “Stranger Than Kindness”

New weird video by Fever Ray—no surprise—but it is worth noting that Vanity Fair, who premiered it, finishes their accompanying blog post with “You. Hear It. First, muthafuggaz!!” which has to be some kind of … read more »

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Video: Fever Ray, “Seven”

Fever Ray continues her streak of slightly goth, contemporary art-inspired videos with “Seven,” possibly the least goth of any song on her transcendent debut. Here, an elderly woman dressed in a glittery tiara lip syncs … read more »

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