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The Long-Awaited Arthur Russell Tribute Album Is Coming

Unsure whether to shake, scream, laugh, or cry about this, but the long-awaited tribute album to the inimitable Arthur Russell, he of the immediately recognizable raw voice and untimely death of AIDS, has finally announced … read more »

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Beat Construction: Joe Goddard

Doctor feel good Born and raised in Fulham, a neighborhood in Southwest London, Joe Goddard was surrounded by a wide range of musical influences from an early age. From late ’80s hip-hop records passed down … read more »

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Stream: Hot Chip, “How Do You Do” (Todd Terje Remix)

I’m not saying this is a new thing, but people seem especially stoked to be dancing in the daytime again. Poolside got a lot of renewed attention this year, so did outdoor dance music day … read more »

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Video: Hot Chip, “How Do You Do?”

Hot Chip have released a rather athletic video for their bouncy single, “How Do You Do?” There’s skateboarding, surfing, diving and even some Irish step-dancing. In another sports-themed turn of events, the UK electro-poppers will … read more »

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Coachella Announces Cruise Festival

Coachella is not landlocked anymore. It has been announced that the festival will take to the sea for two rounds this upcoming December via the S.S. Coachella, 122,000-ton ship that can host 2,800 attendees. The … read more »

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Stream: Hot Chip, “Look At Where We Are (Major Lazer Remix)”

Hot Chip’s already tender ballad “Look At Where We Are” gets pulverized, pitched up and blasted (in the best way possible) by Major Lazer. Stream the remix above, via Domino.

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Stream: Hot Chip, “Don’t Deny Your Heart”

“Don’t Deny Your Heart,” from Hot Chip’s upcoming LP, In Our Heads, sounds almost like a relic from the ’80s, intended to play through a sun-shining opening sequence of a John Hughes movie. It’s a … read more »

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Stream: Hot Chip, “Night and Day”

“Night and Day,” the first single from Hot Chip’s upcoming album, In Our Heads, sounds like it belongs in one of those under-earth cave levels of Super Mario Bros. for Super Nintendo, if Mario and … read more »

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Stream: New Build, “Do You Not Feel Loved?”

Hot Chip’s Alex Doyle and Felix Martin, along with LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney bka New Build’s “Do You Not Feel Loved?” is a glimmering and dancefloor-primed, replete with vocal harmonies the Hot Chip dudes do … read more »

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Stream: New Build, “Misery Loves Company” 12-inch Preview

Hot Chip’s Felix Martin and Al Doyle continue their long stretch of electronic music collaboration with their latest, New Build. Their first release, downtempo disco 12-inch “Misery Loves Company” is slated for release on November … read more »

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