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Stream: Lust For Youth, “Chasing the Light” (Anthony Naples Remix)

The original version of Lust For Youth’s “Chasing the Light” was a somber track, sort of suitable for dancing, but also plenty suitable for marching around. Anthony Naples, a producer who has recently found the … read more »

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Video: Lust For Youth, “Chasing the Light”

Not all that much happens in this video for “Chasing the Light,” the catchy but scuffed-up and almost grudgingly dance-able synth-pop single from Sweden’s Lust For Youth, out today via Sacred Bones. A dude goes … read more »

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Stream: Chelsea Wolfe, “Flatlands (Lust For Youth Remix)”

When it came out last year, “Flatlands” saw the notoriously macabre Chelsea Wolfe literally bowing down before the altar of less is more, lyrically expressing her desire for the simpler things in life (a stretch … read more »

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