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Tyler, The Creator and Mac DeMarco Lust For Grandmas in New “Loiter Squad” Skit

Loiter Squad, the Odd Future sketch show now running in its third season on Adult Swim, is nothing if not subtle. Last night, Tyler, The Creator teamed up with gap-toothed Mac DeMarco for a sketch. … read more »

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Stream Palo Alto’s Soundtrack, Featuring New Music From Blood Orange

As though the mashup of Gia Coppola’s aesthetics, James Franco’s writing and predatory charisma and Emma Robert’s breakout performance weren’t enough to guarantee that Palo Alto will be the film on everyone’s lips this summer, … read more »

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Stream Mac DeMarco’s New Album, Salad Days

It’s going to be hard to get into the Monday grind with Mac DeMarco’s new album Salad Days available for listening at NPR—the 23-year old Canadian’s songs are like lazy devils in your ears, begging … read more »

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Stream: Mac DeMarco, “Brother”

The pace on Mac DeMarco’s new single is so lethargic that there are moments where it almost sounds like a faster song slowed down since it’s hard to imagine one written so intentionally sluggish, like … read more »

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Mac DeMarco, “Passing Out Pieces”

Mac DeMarco announced today that he will release his upcoming album, Salad Days,  on April 1st. The announcement came via this promotional video, which appears to have been shot on a Sony Betacam. Salad Days is DeMarco’s second … read more »

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Stream: Calvin Love, “Wild Blue”

FADER PREMIERE Late last year, Edmonton-based Calvin Love released New Radar, a full-length collection of sparse bedroom rock that channels the bleak, frigid loneliness of Canadian winter months. “Wild Blue,” the b-side to his brand … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Mac DeMarco Live at Converse Rubber Tracks, “Let My Baby Stay” Video and “Only You” MP3

Between pinball sessions at his favorite laundromat, Mac DeMarco came out to Converse Rubber Tracks to play a short but sweet set to a captivated audience that cozies up all the way to the stage. … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Mac DeMarco is Addicted to Pinball

To kick off a new year of Brooklyn Bound, Mac DeMarco brought us to one of his favorite under-the-radar local hangouts, Sunshine Laundry—a befittingly eccentric laundromat slash pinball palace in Greenpoint. DeMarco is a big … read more »

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Photos: FADER #87 Release Party with Mac Miller and Mac DeMarco

We celebrated the release of FADER #87, our Fall Fashion issue, last night at Converse Rubber Tracks, the accessible-to-all recording studio in Williamsburg. Budweiser hooked up cold beers and D’ussé poured cocktails while Steve Summers, … read more »

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Staff Selects: On Your Shoulders at a Mac DeMarco Show

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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