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Live: Lee “Scratch” Perry, The Congos, Peaking Lights and Even More Dub in NYC

Prior to last night’s Red Bull Music Academy dub extravaganza, the last show that I saw at Le Poisson Rouge was a hardcore show, part of the sprawling New York’s Alright festival. Naturally, no one … read more »

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Stream: Chrome Canyon, “Chasing The Dead” (Peaking Lights Remix)

Because of their very public love of dub, Peaking Lights often get labeled as a pure dub band, which is not far off, but they veer more psychedelic at times, using dub as a starting … read more »

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Stream: Brolin, “Reykjavik (Peaking Lights Remix)”

Peaking Lights—the endearingly far-out, LA-via-Wisconsin duo we profiled in a GEN F last summer—have remixed UK singer Brolin’s Iceland ode “Reykjavik,” stretching the track out like a cat in the sun and giving the chilly … read more »

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Video: Peaking Lights, “Beautiful Dub”

A whole lot of Peaking Lights’ album Lucifer was inspired by their newborn baby boy, but nowhere did it manifest itself more than in “Beautiful Son.” “Beautiful Dub”—literally the dub version of that song is … read more »

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Stream: Errors, “Ammaboa Glass (Peaking Lights Remix)”

Peaking Lights have an uncanny knack for coloring every song they remix in a wash of mellow glee. Take Errors’ “Ammaboa Glass,” for example, which already bubbles pleasantly by its own accord. They noodle the … read more »

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TEEN, “Sleep Is Noise (Peaking Lights Remix)” MP3

There’s something meditative yet strangely body-moving in Peaking Lights’ remix of TEEN’s “Sleep Is Noise,” like they’ve submerged a dance track in a warm bath of lavender-scented epsom salts. There’s a steamy, bubbling beat, and … read more »

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The Let Out: Peaking Lights

This week on our weekly East Village Radio show, we’ll be joined by Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, better known as married psych-dub team Peaking Lights. Tune in from 6-8PM tonight; we’ll play some pre-game … read more »


The FADER #80 Podcast

We tried to make the FADER #80 podcast as smooth a ride as possible, blending sounds from across the country and globe into a slushy-like compliment to our Summer Music issue. Cover stars Beach House … read more »

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GEN F: Peaking Lights

Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, who are quick to note that their initials spell out A.C.I.D., have just wrapped their third Peaking Lights record, Lucifer, and moved from Wisconsin to Los Angeles in a station … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #80 Featuring Beach House and 2 Chainz

Whenever we start planning our annual Summer Music Issue, the criteria for the cover stories is mostly just based on what music we know deep in our heart of hearts (and ear of ears) is … read more »

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