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Download Jamie xx’s One Hour Love Letter to London

There are intermittent thunderstorms over London today, casting a cool tension over what’s otherwise a scorching June weekend. In the centre of the city, thousands are gathering for the annual Pride parade; from the vantage … read more »

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Hear M.I.A.’s The World Tomorrow Theme Music

On Friday, we reported that M.I.A. will be crafting the theme music for WikiLeaks founding editor Julian Assange’s new talk show, The World Tomorrow. Listen to it above—she made the backing beat that Assange speaks … read more »

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What You Missed Over the Holidays: EVERYTHING (and Nothing)

Welcome back to your office, hope it smells like you remember! FADER takes a break for the holidays, but we’re now happily back in our office chairs. As you blink into your RSS feed, like … read more »

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Download Weird Christmas Songs by Wiley and Members of Gang Gang Dance

Presumably in the spirit of sanctioned drunkenness at corporate holiday parties, Calvin Klein (!?) commissioned Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and Josh Diamond to produce a twisted, sexy holiday song entitled “Holiday (Dope Xxxmas).” Bougatsos … read more »

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Adult Swim’s Unclassified Compilation f. Burial, SBTRKT and Zomby MP3

Television channel Adult Swim and automaker Scion have released an 18 track compilation of “rare and unreleased” mostly-UK future music. It’s called Unclassified, it’s free and its producer list is actually pretty staggering: Burial, SBTRKT, … read more »

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Video: Wiley, “Numbers in Action”

This is the best mood for Wiley lately, the most endearing vibe: smiling cynicism. As fun as this “Numbers in Action” video looks, it’s all a sour jab at the well worn prescription of self … read more »

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Stream: Jamie XX’s Grime Mix on BBC 1xtra

When Jamie XX transitioned from his take on Gil Scott-Heron‘s “New Here” into Ruff Sqwad‘s “XTC Instrumental” a minute into his mix on Mistajam’s BCC 1xtra show, we don’t think anyone was expecting or really … read more »

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Video: Wiley, “I Just Woke Up”

Wiley rapping from his office desk is kind of genius image-making. Watching the grime godfather FaceTime his iChat is on some lo-fi Justin Bieber couch, rally the base, fuck the industry (but also imagine if … read more »

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Free Gucci 2: The Burrrtish Edition MP3

The first Free Gucci mixtape boiled our bass brains and swallowed our car stereos last winter, but the world is very different now. After hearing Zomby crush Gucci’s “Boi” with a Dig Dug arcade console, … read more »

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Seven Years in Ten Minutes: “Pow 2011″ vs “Game Over”

Way back in 2004, Lethal Bizzle jumped on Dexplicit’s Forward riddim with the lights of grime’s then still rising global status. “Pow,” the resulting track was one of the songs included in every non-UK journalist … read more »

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