This Week in The FADER: April 17, 2011 Edition

April 17, 2011

** Complex said they found long-lost Earl Sweatshirt at a school/treatment program in Samoa. It's hard to say how the investigation will impact Earl's return to to his life and/or rapping, but we're skeptical it will help ease that transition. The internet also unearthed "Heart of Gold," an "old as fuck" Tyler, the Creator and Domo Genesis collabo.

** Lil Wayne released "You Da Shit," a song as sentimental and romantic as the "Prostitute Flange" remix he made with former-boo Trina. Then, Wayne stepped in to assist Jeezy's "Ballin," which will likely appear on his long-delayed album TM 103. Then! Jeezy hopped on "Go Out on the Town," a working-mans anthem from Killer Mike's May release PL3DGE.

** North Face Purple Label-inspired products will finally be available stateside this fall! We spotted these sneak-peak shoes hiding in New York.

** Kode9 owns a record label, records music, DJ's, holds a Ph.D. in philosphy, publishes books and is a member of the sound art Audint research collective. We talked with him about the weirdness of the present world, reading Dubstep Forum and what it’s like being a high-functioning role model to nerds like us.

** Santigold released "Go" a new, frenetic song with Karen O. Unfortunately, she handed it over to Jay-Z's blog, who posted in a player that can't be shared, embedded or even rewound.

** Soulja Boy announced the Juice mixtape he'll release next Wednesday at midnight with a video for dimple-hurting posi "Zan With That Lean."

** #Based North Jersey producer Clams Casino released a load of unreleased instrumentals and remixes, plus "Gorilla," a lush, slow cut from his forthcoming Rainforest EP.

** Back-in-action Salem remixed Interpol to celebrate Record Store Day, featuring all the trademark Salem stuff that you either love or hate.

This Week in The FADER: April 17, 2011 Edition