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D’eon, “Transparency” (How to Dress Well Remix) MP3

April 28, 2011

How to Dress Well remixed D'eon's, "Transparency," taking the basic structure of the original and making it a bit more translucent—slightly fuzzier, spacey and obscure. HTDW explained the story behind the remix:

In January I had the unspeakable pleasure of hanging and playing some shows with Claire (Grimes). Our last show together was in Montreal, where I met Chris d’Eon. They are dope people and we had a lot of fun. Chris had mentioned he was working on a song he wanted me to remix. For this song, I really wanted to do something that d’Eon would be hyped on—his style is so distinctive and very different from mine, so I tried to imagine a space between us. It’s kind of got like a sad National Geographic vibe to it or sumtin idk. I love it!!!

Download: D'eon, "Transparency" (How to Dress Well Remix) MP3
(via DIS magazine)

D’eon, “Transparency” (How to Dress Well Remix) MP3