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Michael Uzowuru’s Paisley Palm Trees Beat Tape

July 15, 2011

Massively endearing producer and occasional Odd Future collaborator Michael Uzowuru's new beat tape Paisley Palm Trees impresses because it's so aimless. For example, after 30 seconds of cut-up "Jack and Diane" on his "A.D.D.," Uzowuru turns 90 degrees to a vaguely Zomby-esque, flute-centric dub thing that climaxes with what we can only hope is a Kenny G sample. "Martian Child" kicks off with a full unedited verse of "You're So Vain" before switching abruptly into four-and-a-half sprawling minutes of beatless electric keyboard music. It's exhausting trying to wrap up the diversity of styles on display here—sometimes fully formed and sometimes only in glimpses—but maybe that's the tape's greatest triumph. Stream through instant standout "Sabbatical" and download the whole tape right below.

Download: Michael Uzowuru, "Sabbatical"

Download: Michael Uzowuru's Paisley Palm Trees Beat Tape

Michael Uzowuru’s Paisley Palm Trees Beat Tape