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Stream: Mellowhype, “67”

August 17, 2011

From warm and playful boom bap to fully unhinged, Flocka-inspired fight music, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats, collectively Mellowhype, are proving to be the fastest maturing members of Odd Future. Admittedly, this is a bit like claiming tallest midget when discussing a crew that prides itself on Peter Pan agelessness, but the rapid growth of duo is undeniable. Yesterday Hodgy debuted "67," from their all-too appropriately titled forthcoming album Numbers, rather inconspicuously on his Tumblr. For those without a scorecard, we've already heard "64" and "65." Like those before it, "67" showcases an entirely different direction for the group, turning all the rage of Blackendwhite into sadness, with Hodgy at the void asking, Am I all alone in this world?

Here's how Hodgy explained the new album's concept in response to an ask box query: "With this album we demonstrate simplicity, fundamentals, everyday life. colors, letters, numbers." This weird photo of shoes and a typewriter (?) was embedded as the "67" MP3 artwork. It's unclear what it's intended for, but it does seem like it would make a good cover for that album.

Stream: Mellowhype, "67"

Stream: Mellowhype, “67”