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Killa Kyleon f. Bun B, “Bodies Hit The Floor” MP3

August 24, 2011

To say there's a shortage of nu-metal on TheFADER.com would be an understatement. Not since the early days of the site, when Slipknot inexplicably fell within our news scope, have FADER folks given the genre even an droplet of attention. That changes today.

Once limited to the bedrooms of antisocial teens and commercials for extreme sporting events, Drowning Pool's murder metal anthem "Bodies" has slowly permeated all aspects of our culture—from ornithology to the Jersey clubs. While Lex Luger sadly does not do the obvious thing and sample the hook on this Kyleon and Bun B collab, Drowning Pool does form the foundation for the chorus by way of Kyleon's clumsy simile. Can a Luger/Korn collab be far behind? I know you guys think I'm joking but tell me that wouldn't jam.

Download: Killa Kyleon f. Bun B, "Bodies Hit The Floor" (via DGB)

Killa Kyleon f. Bun B, “Bodies Hit The Floor” MP3