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Jensen Sportag’s Body Haiku Mix MP3

September 09, 2011

Like everything their keyboard fingers touch, Jensen Sportag's Body Haiku mix for Modular's 91st Modcast is instantly transporting. But unlike their Wet Mix, for example, that whisked our brains to a house party with the Pointer Sisters' daughters, or their recent Shine 2009 remix, which guided us to a rave where everybody was there "for the snacks," Body Haiku leaves the destination up to you, so long as you're comfortable. The mix is abstract, with 24 iconic artists blending unnoticeably, like water in water. From Ryuichi Sakamoto to Cocteau Twins, Maurice Ravel to Pearson Sound, this is bath music and bed music and loop-it-all-day miniature-doll-crafting music. It's pure, hopefully safe to call 'New Age,' and only in the fondest way. Not sure if there's a hang drum in there, but the answer feels like probably.

Download: Jensen Sportag's Body Haiku Mix

Yellowyackets w/ Bobby Mcferrin - Summersong
cos/mes - From Other Space
Style Standard - The Story of Someone's Palm
World Council - Truth of Shoe
Douster - Triassic Genesis
Pearson Sound - Plan
Haruomi Hosono - Exotic Dance
Grimes - Devon
World Standard/Ravel - Pavane for Dead Princess
Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto - Duoon
Julie S'Accorder - Whisperfield
Wax Stag - Folk Rock (Bibio remix)
Susumu Yokota - Song of the Sleeping Forest
Korallreven - Loved - Up (Cosimos Paradise)
Deadbeat - Let it Rain
Active Child - She Was a Vision
Cocteau Twins - Whales Tales
Spring Heel Jack - With Out Words
Asa Chang and Junray - Tsuginepu-to-Ittemita
DJ Linus - Good Morning Love Coffee is Ready
Jensen Sportag - Theme for Body Haiku
Lisa Carbon - Look Out the Window
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Where is Arno?
Destroyer - Suicide Dream for Kara Walker
Le Mans - Mirage

Jensen Sportag’s Body Haiku Mix MP3