Stream: 50 Cent’s “50’s My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11)”

October 10, 2011

In what seems like a rather shameless attempt to duplicate his vitaminwater successes, 50 Cent is now pushing a new signature line of energy shots. Street King Energy shots may look suspiciously similar to those vials of 5-Hours Energy, but the Street King FAQ explains the difference: Each Street King energy shot provides 6 hours of energy. Fif gave them the ol' Seven Minute Abs knock out. It also says that a they'll send a meal to a person in need with each shot sold which is a nice gesture, though one that would require a few people to have even the slightest interest in buying a 50 Cent branded energy shot to actually work. It might be quicker if 50 were to just cut out the middle man and use his millions of dollars to directly feed the poor.

But enough about energy drinks and world hunger. 50's been pushing the brand online with the artlessly titled Street King Energy Drink Tracks leak series. So far, it's been pretty close to outstanding. This shouldn't come as a surprise if you've been paying attention. The latest of the leaks, #11 in the series (though confusingly only the sixth song posted), "50's My Favorite," finds Fif making classically effortless threats like I turn a clown's smile upsidedown over a weightless piano chop.

Stream: 50 Cent's "50's My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11)"

Here's the rest of the Street King series thus far:

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"Love, Hate, Love (Street King Energy Track #6)"

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"Non Stop (Street King Energy Track #4)"

Stream: 50 Cent’s “50’s My Favorite (Street King Energy Track #11)”