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Water Borders, “What Wiwant” (Ital Remix) MP3

October 14, 2011

There's a beat on Ital’s remix of "What Wiwant" that sounds a little bit like the noise iTunes makes when you turn down the volume. I had an out of body experience thinking I was somehow turning down my music while also writing this post. (Doubly weird to hear it synched up to the lyrics bodies hollow repeating over and over again). It's an incidental sound that strangely ends up driving the song. Water Borders’ album Harbored Mantra is out now on Tri Angle. You can buy it, or stream it right here.

Download: Water Borders, "What Wiwant" (Ital Remix) (via Pitchfork)

Download: Water Borders, "What Wiwant"

Water Borders, “What Wiwant” (Ital Remix) MP3