Earl Sweatshirt Gives First Interview

March 20, 2012

Earl Sweatshirt is home, and sat down with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, Tyler, the Creator and Taco to talk returning home and what it was like to miss year one of Odd Future:

Yeah, initially [I was annoyed to miss it]. I also got to see that all this shit isn't fun all the time. For instance, the block that we came up on, like that we were there when no one was there, we get to like just be up there every day like it was nothing, I was up there the other day just trying to like skate around, and you fucking can't do it. Cause someone's like, Uh, Can I get a photo?

He's a little shy at first, beseeching Tyler not to walk away when Rosenberg shoos him for not letting Earl speak. But eventually he opens up, revealing that he's been away from home since June 2010 and that his mother never balked at his music.

Motherfuckers think that my mom heard a song and was like, No, I'm not fucking with this song. [But] I was fucking up. Outside of music, music aside from everything, I was fucking up.

Odd Future's OF Tape Vol. 2 is in stores now and the Wolf Gang will celebrate its release tonight at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom. You can buy the album and other merchandise and the Odd Future Sweatshop, a pop-up they've set up at Reed Space at 151 Orchard Street.

Earl Sweatshirt Gives First Interview