Download Nguzunguzu’s FACT Mix

June 19, 2012

Every new Nguzunguzu mix brings us instant joy (see here, here and here for further proof). Our entire week gets reconfigured around how many times we can listen and dance to it. Their FACT mix opens with the march of Todd Edwards' "This Generation," then works its way to some welcome Rihanna, making immediately clear the bonkers nature of their mixes: instinctive, logical, diverse and seamless, so you don't know what's going to hit next. It's like when you tie-dye a t-shirt and all the colors ebb and flow perfectly even though they almost shouldn't. Below the FACT mix tracklist you'll find another Nguzunguzu treat, a stream of their set from Sónar, which the duo's Asma Maroof calls "scary, sexy, sad." We wouldn't have it any other way.

Download: Nguzunguzu's FACT Mix

1. TODD EDWARDS – This Generation (Body High)
2. NGUZUNGUZU – Harp Bell
3. KINGDOM – Stalker HA (Night Slugs)
4. RIHANNA – Skin
5.THE-DRUM – Omar
6. ART OF NOISE – Moments In Love (DJ Quality Remix)
7. MIKE Q – Werk’d It V2 (Qween Beat)
8. BEEK – Steam , Sweat HA (Qween Beat)
9. JAM CITY – Her (Night Slugs)
10. NA – B.STORM
11. GIRL UNIT – Club Rez (Night Slugs)
12. BONE THUGS N HARMONY – Thuggish Ruggish (Sliink Remix)
13. HELIX FT. FLIRTA D – Drum Track / No Hooks (Night Slugs)
14. WILEY – Colder (Samename ‘friends only’ Refix)
15. MASSACOORAMAAN – Dead Long Time (Nguzunguzu Rmx) (Fade To Mind)
16. PREDITAH – Hectic
17. DJ JOKER – Booty Bounce Music
18. TF SCRAPE / T.I – Fall Out the Frame Guzu Drummed
19. NONSTOP – Helicopter Instrumental
20. BRI/ DJ JOKER – Set Me Free

Stream: Nguzunguzu's Sónar Mix

Download Nguzunguzu’s FACT Mix