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Download Riff Raff’s Debut Mad Decent Mixtape, Birth of an Icon

August 09, 2012

Riff Raff’s 25-track Birth of an Icon mixtape is his first official Mad Decent release, a remastered compilation of some of his best material, plus seven new songs and remixes. Below, the video for Riff Raff's vocal take on Major Lazer’s "Original Don," and beneath it, stream the pulverizing, universe-compressing remix of onetime Major Lazer tour mate Unicorn Kid’s "Pure Space." It's like the inversion of a double-time rap, with the stuntedly rapping oddball sparing just four words per snare. Tracklist, with producer credits, is at the bottom.

Download: Riff Raff's Birth of an Icon

1. RiFF RAFF - Jody Highroller [prod. by Caspa]
2. RiFF RAFF - Jose Canseco [prod. by Fat Pimp]
3. RiFF RAFF - Lil Mama
4. RiFF RAFF - Deion Sandals [prod. by Native Minds]
5. RiFF RAFF - Rap Game King Tut [prod. by Grizz Lee]
6. Major Lazer - Original Don (Davoodi Remix) feat. RiFF RAFF
7. RiFF RAFF - Hologram Benz [prod. by Flux Pavillion]
8. Action Bronson - Bird On A Wire feat. RiFF RAFF [prod. by Harry Fruad]
9. RiFF RAFF - iCU feat. Fat Pimp [prod. by Fat Pimp]
10. RiFF RAFF - Larry Bird [prod. by Ron Kelly]
11. RiFF RAFF - Terror Wrist [prod. by Derek DJA Allen]
12. RiFF RAFF - Drive Thru [prod. by Paul Devro]
13. RiFF RAFF - Only I Can Cure Your Broken Heart [prod. by Derek DJA Allen & Paul Devro]
14. RiFF RAFF - White Sprite [prod. by Uzi]
15. RiFF RAFF - GraveYard Music [prod. by SK Da Hitman]
16. RiFF RAFF - World Star [prod. by Kid Ryan]
17. RiFF RAFF - Marc Jacobs [prod. by Guru Beats]
18. RiFF RAFF - Don't Wait [prod. by TKO Capone]
19. RiFF RAFF - Brain Freeze feat. Lil Debbie [prod. by Grizz Lee]
20. RiFF RAFF - 10 is What They Rate [prod. by SK Da Hitman]
21. Unicorn Kid - Pure Space Remix feat. RiFF RAFF
22. RiFF RAFF - Sour & Gun Powder
23. Chief Keef - Cuz My Gear feat. RiFF RAFF
24. RiFF RAFF - Rice Out [prod. by Derek DJA Allen]
25. RiFF RAFF - Time

Download Riff Raff’s Debut Mad Decent Mixtape, Birth of an Icon