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Download Chromatics’ Running From The Sun Mixtape

November 05, 2012

Chromatics' Kill For Love is a massive album. Both literally (it's about as long as an album should reasonably be) as well as ambition-wise. It's a record that is bursting at the seams with ideas and the sort of single-minded focus that doesn't come along too often for anyone in a whole lot of art forms. That might sound hyperbolic, and yeah, maybe it was just the timing and the general collective consciousness of people who might be into that kind of thing, but Kill For Love felt—and still feels—like a game changer. It's no surprise then, that the album isn't really all there was. In addition to releasing a version minus the drums (it sounded pretty scary), there were also plenty of leftovers. What I can only assume is the bulk of that stuff shows up on Running From The Sun, a brooding mix of ghostly alternate takes as well as some much darker material that didn't appear on Kill For Love. It works a whole lot better as an album than you'd initially believe.

Download: Chromatics, Running From The Sun Mixtape

Dreaming In Color (00:23-03:08)
Red Car (03.09-07:27)
Kill For Love (07:27-11:30)
Last Wish (11:31-15:01)
Running From The Sun (15:02-19:13)
Disintegration (19:14-22:31)
These Streets Will Never Look The Same (22:32-30:53)
Blue Moon (30:54-34:38)

Download Chromatics’ Running From The Sun Mixtape