Stream: Pure X, “Heaven”

Austin’s Pure X shares their breezy new single “Heaven”

March 07, 2014

The Austinites in Pure X spent the writing process for 2013’s Crawling Up The Stairs climbing their way out of a murky hell of interpersonal entanglements and grievous bodily harm, and the resulting record reflected that. Compared to their blustery debut, Crawling Up The Stairs was a nervy document of a headspace fractured by a time of travail and trial. “Heaven,” the second taste from the trio’s upcoming LP Angel (due out April 1 on Fat Possum) seems to reflect the opposite side of that coin—the breath of fresh air that comes the exact moment that all of the tough stuff is firmly in the rearview mirror. The assurances that everything we’ve been through was for a reason and lilting guitar lines find the band sauntering way further into breeze-rock territory than they’ve ever been before—just in time for them to head out on tour with Real Estate, the prime purveyors of the style.

Stream: Pure X, "Heaven"

Posted: March 07, 2014
Stream: Pure X, “Heaven”