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Stream: Marie Davidson, “Perte d’identité”

Hear “Perte d’identité,” the title track of Montreal artist Marie Davidson’s new record.


Marie Davidson is a Montreal-based artist who makes darkly atmospheric electronic music. The title of her new song, "Perte d'identité," translates directly to "loss of identity," and my editor Emilie, who speaks some French, thinks it could be an idiom for amnesia or something. Her inclination certainly suits the disorienting qualities of the song: the alien-sounding electronics, Davidson's spoken-word French vocals (eerie and assertive like she's reading an incantation) and the sort of slowly creeping tension that could soundtrack an unnerving avant-garde film. The song is the title track of her new record, which drops April 4th on Weyrd Son Records.

Stream: Marie Davidson, "Perte d'identité"

Stream: Marie Davidson, “Perte d’identité”