The drummer-turned-rising-popstar scoots through jazz, hip-hop and post-punk on this brilliant influences mix.

July 30, 2014

London singer/producer/drummer GEoRGiA might be brand new on the scene—we premiered her gritty pop track "Digits" from her debut EP a couple of weeks back—but her skills behind a drum kit have previously seen her play for everyone from Kwes to Kate Tempest. To get to know her better, we asked GEoRGiA to make us an influences mix and what we got back is a pure delight, scooting from jazz to hip-hop, R&B and post-punk. Dig in here, and scroll down to find out who her drumming idols are and how to make the perfect fish finger sandwich.

Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. I have just finished rehearsing with my band at the Red Bull Music Studio in preparation for my first shows at The Waiting Room [in London, August 5th and 12th]. Sitting in the lobby as we speak—Red Bull in one hand and iPad in the other.

What's your first music-related memory and how did you get into making it yourself? It's hard to answer that. A really strong memory that always crops up is probably going on stage with my dad when I was 7 or 8—I think it was at T in the Park in 1997—the feeling of being on stage in front of thousands of people dancing to great music made me think, I wanna do this for a living! This then drove me to pursuing instruments and writing songs from an early age .

Who is your drummer idol and why? It would have to be between Cora Coleman-Dunham, Beyoncé's current live/touring drummer—she is a BEAST! A real incredible musician. I always look to her for her technique on the drums, particularly her stick work. She started out as a marching drummer so she's super fast with snare work and movement around the kit—and then, of course, Sheila E. I mean I think every female drummer, and I'm sure many male drummers, are in awe of Sheila's talent on the kit. She's a real idol: a visionary as well as a master on her instrument. She's just incredible to watch. I have been watching her since I was really little.

Where did the seed for your debut solo EP, Come In, spring from? I'm not sure, I think it was a culmination of loads of feelings I was going through at the time!

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you? Do you know what it was actually Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography. I'm probably gonna loose a whole load of fans now. Yes, I am a Manchester United supporter. But it was just really inspiring to read. From humble beginnings to the most well respected and successful football manager in the world.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? When I can find the time I do a mean fish finger sandwich. Ah yeah, a lot of people get the fish finger sandwich wrong—it's all about rye bread, bit of mayo, lettuce, the fish fingers, all layered up. BOOM! Oh, and of course seasoning!

Bill Evans - My Mary's Gone Now
Dibiase - OMG!!!
The Cool Kids - Gold And A Pager
Lootpack - Outro
The Fat Boys - Stick 'Em
Mykki Blanco - Fuckin The DJ (feat. Le1f)
Main Attrakionz - Take 1 (feat. A$AP Rocky)
Death Grips - Stockton
Ginuwine - Tell Me Do U Wanna
The Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer

GEoRGiA's debut EP, Come In, is out now on Kaya Kaya Records.

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