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In Other News: Lou Reed vs. Reporter, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Interview and More

A roundup.

September 30, 2014

California Makes Plastic Bags Illegal

Yay! That one’s a no brainer. Via Al Jazeera.

The Singer From Fucked Up, Dam Abraham, Moderated a Mayoral Debate in Toronto

Toronto had been on a little bit of a tear for a while with the controversy surrounding former Mayor Rob Ford, but debates between people vying for Ford’s former seat are underway. Fucked Up’s singer Damian Abraham moderated one of these, hosted by ArtsVote. Via Vice

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Interviewed over at Dis

Not every interview is In Other News-worthy, but this one certainly is. P-Orridge is well known for h/er work with Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, h/er involvement with the latter project thankfully extending to a new album, Snakes, due November 1st. They talk about all kinds of things in the conversation, covering everything from “sex, nature, and the bliss of nonmaterial consciousness.”

This Louis C.K. Appearance on Sirius XM in 2007 Is Amazing 

The name of the show he's on is “Opie & Anthony,” and apparently he used to go on it quite a bit to develop ideas for his standup comedy. We shouldn’t have to say anything to convince you to hit play on this one—sit back and let the dude challenge your understandings of reality. Via Splitsider.

And, Finally

“When I’m faced with a paradox I become paradoxical.” Back in 1975, Lou Reed went in on this poor Australian reporter with whipcrack wit and a serious New York accent, circa his album Metal Machine Music

In Other News: Lou Reed vs. Reporter, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Interview and More