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A Funk Band Is Suing Mac Miller For $150,000

Aquarian Dream claims Mac unfairly ripped them off.

March 19, 2015

Lawsuits: they're all the rage these days! Just a few hours after Drake got slapped with one, TMZ is reporting that Mac Miller's getting sued now, too. To the tune of $150,000, specifically, by the 1970s band Aquarian Dream, who are not happy that Miller used their song "Yesterday (was so nice today)" on the Faces cut "Therapy." The band is claiming that they contacted Miller's people and they admitted that they had tried to reach out to the band for sample clearance, but went along with releasing the song anyway after not hearing back. Check out "Therapy" above and "Yesterday (was so nice today)" below for your own comparison's sake.

Lead image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A Funk Band Is Suing Mac Miller For $150,000