Jamie xx Made A Mix For Beats 1

Including his own tunes and a smattering of rock and soul.

July 27, 2015
Jamie xx Made A Mix For Beats 1 Matt Cowan / Getty Images

Jamie xx recently put together a 15-track mix for Beats 1 Radio. He picked a number of songs from his recently-released In Colour album, along with tracks from the Doors, the Durutti Column—he’s known for playing a remix of “Otis” when he DJs, but he went with the seasonally appropriate “Sketch For Summer” instead—the War On Drugs, and classic soul courtesy of the Manhattans. (That tune, “Wish That You Were Mine,” was sampled to great effect by Madlib last year for “Shame” with Freddie Gibbs.)


Jamie’s keeping a busy schedule: this year he has also composed a new piece for the National Gallery, scored a ballet, and released an album. Listen to his full Beats 1 mix here.

Jamie xx Made A Mix For Beats 1