Hannibal Buress On Failed Comedy Central Pilot: “I Thought It Was Really Funny And Weird”

The actor and comedian dropped Unemployable, a never-before-seen, reality-like show, online today.

October 06, 2015

Earlier today, Hannibal Buress shared a previously-unseen pilot he made in 2014. The project was titled Unemployable, and it revolved around a simple, clever premise: "I'm a stand-up comic," Buress explains in a voice-over. "This is the only job I've ever had. Most people in America do real jobs for a living though, and those jobs usually involve real skills. I don't have any of those skills. But for the sake of television, I'm gonna try out a bunch of jobs."


The comedian told The FADER over email: "I was really excited about [Unemployable] and I thought it was really funny and weird. We submitted it and I got impatient. I decided to tweet that Comedy Central had picked it up for 10 episodes. They had not picked it up at all. I was talking with the directors Andrew Barchilon and Kitao Sakurai while filming Eric Andre Show and we decided that we should at least get it out there. Here it is."

You can watch the episode above. Revisit Buress's FADER cover story.