Matoma Recruits Popcaan And Wale For “Feeling Right”

Popcaan’s “Everything Nice” gets a reboot.

October 16, 2015

The Norwegian producer Matoma unveiled a new single today. It builds around a sprightly beat and verses from Wale and Popcaan. Listeners will recognize the hook from Popcaan's excellent 2014 single, "Everything Nice."

On SoundCloud, the producer talked about the inspiration for his latest tune. "When I created the track, I wanted to bring Jamaican vibes together with rap vibes," he wrote. "This song is all about meeting challenges in life, but if you are surrounded with good energy from your love ones, 'everything is nice.'"


Listen below, and read Popcaan's FADER cover story.

Matoma Recruits Popcaan And Wale For “Feeling Right”