Mack Wilds Premieres Spike Lee-Inspired “Love In The 90z” Video

The video was filmed on the same block where Lee shot Do The Right Thing.

January 11, 2016

Mack Wilds—the singer and actor once known as Michael from The Wire, then as Adele’s “Hello” video boyfriend, and recently as the star of VH1’s early rap industry movie The Breaks—will release his second album via Epic this year. “Love in the 90z” is the record’s first single; inspired by his time filming The Breaks, it pays tribute to the era’s Jodeci jams and bamboo earrings. The video draws direct inspiration from one of the decade’s classic films: Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, which was actually released in 1989. Like Do the Right Thing, “Love in the 90z” was filmed in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, on Stuyvesant Avenue between Quincy and Lexington.


“Shooting the 'Love in the 90z' video on the same block as the Spike Lee movie was shot was like nostalgia since that's largely where the concept of the video is inspired from,” Wilds told The FADER in an email. “Working with Benny Boom on this visual, we were able to capture the essence of New York back in the 90z, with a current, fresh feel to it.”

Mack Wilds Premieres Spike Lee-Inspired “Love In The 90z” Video