25 Artists From Around The World You Need To Know Right Now

We created an Atlas Of The Underground in our first-ever Global Issue, featuring creatives in Ethiopia, Russia, Brazil, and beyond.

February 23, 2016

For our Global Issue, we talked to people in 24 countries to create an Atlas Of The Underground, about how today’s creatives snack, spend money, and form scenes. Below, get to know them.

1. Aristophanes 貍貓

🌏 Taipei, Taiwan

Aristophanes is the owner of the half-whispered yet rapidly spat Mandarin vocal on "Scream" from Grimes' recent Art Angels album. While the Taiwanese MC's profile got a boost from said feature, there's a couple of years' worth of thrilling music to dive into on her Soundcloud. Find out what Aristophanes drinks for a pick-me-up.

2. Aylin Güngör

🇹🇷 Istanbul, Turkey

As both editor-in-chief and art director of Istanbul's Bant Mag, Turkish photographer Aylin Güngör has a unique perspective on the music, art, and culture that sets her city alight. She's been documenting musicians in off-guard moments for over a decade, so take her advice on what to snack on to avoid a hangover in Istanbul.

3. Bunji Garlin

🇹🇹 Port of Spain, Trinidad

While fans affectionately call him "The Viking," Trinidad's Bunji Garlin is undoubtedly the king of contemporary soca. Married to fellow star Fay-Ann Lyons, the pair are the island's foremost power couple. Find out which snack Bunji recommends you try in Trinidad.

4. Cashu

🇧🇷 São Paulo, Brazil

Cashu is the DJ name of São Paulo party promoter Carol Schutzer. A former architecture student, Schutzer now runs the much-loved Mamba Negra techno event, which takes place in abandoned buildings. Find out how how Schutzer is using partying to bring attention to political issues.

5. Cherry Chan

🇸🇬 Singapore

Producer and DJ Cherry Chan is the co-founder of Singapore art and music collective Syndicate. A graduate of Red Bull Music Academy, her groundbreaking night Pop My Cherry! helped birth a new generation of female DJs in the city. Find out what her parents think of her career in music.

6. Drippin

🇳🇴 Bergen, Norway

Norway's Drippin is a producer based in the picturesque port city of Bergen. Signed to Lit City Trax—the label of Future Brown's J-Cush—he makes frantic, metallic-edged club music, and has also made beats for Le1f. Find out how a former meat factory became his perfect studio.

7. Eyedress

🇵🇭 Manila, Philippines

Eyedress is the recording name of Filipino artist Idris Vicuña. Based in the capital of Manila, he makes dark and woozy digital pop, as well as producing for a host of idiosyncratic rappers. Find out where Manila's cool kids party.

8. Forever South

🇵🇰 Karachi, Pakistan

Forever South is an electronic music collective that operates out of Karachi, a port city in Pakistan that's home to 23.5 million residents. In 2012, producers Dynoman (aka Haamid Rahim) and Rudoh (aka Bilal Khan) set about encouraging a fledgling electronic music scene. Find out how their parents reacted to their career choice.

9. Hoody

🇰🇷 Seoul, South Korea

It was none other than FADER fave Kelela that put us on to Seoul-based singer Hoody. She went on to guest on a Teengirl Fantasy single, and with her R&B-influenced, acrobatic vocals continues to cement her position as a rising star in her native South Korea. Find out what Hoody drinks for a pick-me-up.

10. Jinku

🇰🇪 Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi producer Jinku invented his own genre, Swahili bass. It's an amalgamation of trap 808s, synth stabs, Afro-house, moombahton song arrangement, and East African instruments, he told us. Find out what local snack Jinku recommends you try in Nairobi.

11. Koett

🇷🇺 Krasnodar, Russia

Based in the southern city of Krasnodar, Russian producer Koett is signed to Dutch label Atonmation and makes electronic music inspired by his dreams. Find out how he and his friends turned an old Soviet factory into a creative space.

12. Lorenzo Senni

🇮🇹 Milan, Italy

A love of the ecstatic qualities of trance is what drives Milan producer Lorenzo Senni—it's no wonder he's joined Evian Christ's touring party. When he's back in his adopted home of Milan (he grew up outside of Rimini), there's just one thing Senni recommends for a late-night snack—find out what.

13. Marginal Men

🇧🇷 São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo duo Marginal Men are part of the crew behind Brazil's favorite bass music party, Wobble. Last year they teamed up with Portuguese producer Branko for "Louca," and delivered a blistering Boiler Room set. Find out what soft drink they recommend to keep your energy up.

14. Mikael Seifu

🇪🇹 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Based in Addis Ababa, producer Mikael Seifu mixes traditional Ethiopian influences with mind-expanding electronic sounds. This year, he has an album coming on Brooklyn-based experimental label RVNG. He documented a typical day living in the Ethiopian capital here.

15. N.A.A.F.I.

🇲🇽 Mexico City, Mexico

In internet years, The FADER and Mexico City dance music collective N.A.A.F.I go way back, so if you've not yet cottoned on to their party-starting sounds, the time is now. When they're not breaking down genres and turning them into pure fire, you can find the Mexican crew planning their next move over dinner. Find out what local snack N.A.A.F.I suggest you seek out.

16. Planningtorock

🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany

Jam Rostron makes vocal-driven electronic music under the pseudonym Planningtorock. While born in the north England town of Bolton, she now calls Berlin home, where she finds creative life less expensive than in the U.K. See what outfit Planningtorock put together for $50.

17. Shao Yanpeng

🇨🇳 Beijing, China

A central figure in Beijing's dance music scene, Chinese producer Shao Yanpeng releases dense and evocative techno under the aliases Dead J and Shao. Berlin clubbing institution and label Tresor released his most recent EP in October. Find out which drink Shao recommends for a pick-me-up.

18. Strict Face

🇦🇺 Adelaide, Australia

FADER fam and New York producer Jubilee alerted us to the elastic sounds of Adelaide producer Strict Face. "His music can go anywhere from headphone vibes to dance floor stompers," she told us for a feature about 2016 artist tips. Find out what Strict Face sips to keep going in the studio.

19. Sui Zhen

🇦🇺 Melbourne, Australia

Lounge pop experimentalist Sui Zhen, aka Becky Freeman, draws inspiration from our ever shifting identities for her colorful imagery. At home in Melbourne, Australia, she documented her day-to-day life when she's not on duty. Read her diary here.

20. Ta-Ha

🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan

Based between Tokyo and Paris, atmospheric singer Ta-Ha makes low-key R&B that feels as fluid as her jet-setting life. Her 2015 EP, Tuareg Shawty, is testament to that. See what outfit Ta-Ha put together for $50.

21. Tifa

🇯🇲 Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaican dancehall star Tifa has been making music for almost a decade, but she's not run out of explosive subject matter yet. Her most recent mixtape, Stay Away, addresses sexual taboos with wit and wine-inducing beats. Find out what Tifa's recommends for a local snack and and an energizing pick-me-up.

22. Tre Mission

🇨🇦 Toronto, Canada

Back in summer 2014, Toronto MC and producer Tre Mission released a debut album that joined the dots between grime and rap. With features from Skepta and Wiley amongst others, the record was an early sign of grime's crossover moment and a thoroughly enjoyable listen. Find out what Tre drinks for a pick-me-up when he's on home turf.

23. Tricot

🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan

Japanese trio Tricot make math rock with an unpredictable—and therefore, fun—edge. While there's a touch of the surreal to the GEN F alums lyrics, they have a down-to-earth, DIY approach to the music biz. Find out what Tricot's favorite midnight snack is.

24. Tyler Ford

🇺🇸 New York, U.S.A.

LGBTQA writer and activist Tyler Ford was Miley Cyrus' date to 2015's amfAR Inspiration Gala, and since then has used their platform to educate others on gender fluidity and trans issues. This spring, Tyler is leaving their current base of New York for a speaking tour of Europe. See what outfit Tyler put together for $50.

25. Valesuchi

🇨🇱 Santiago, Chile

Valesuchi is the recording name of Chilean producer Valentina Montalvo Alé, under which she makes urgent club tunes for late night adventuring. She's affiliated with Berlin-based producer Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme label and releases music on Chilean label Discos Pegaos. Find out what midnight snack Valesuchi recommends you try in Chile.

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