10 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

A Spanish-language Drake flip, unhinged Makonnen, and more.

April 14, 2016
10 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

1. We've been psyched for Palmistry to release a full-length for years. The downcast, dancehall-indebted "Club Aso" is a beautiful reminder why.


2. The 10-plus-minute "I Remember Makonnen Freestyle" is both happy and heartbreaking; it's a long-winded, loose-canon outpouring about the highs and lows of life in the spotlight.

3. Miami-based Dominican singer Fuego made a Spanish-language edit of Drake's "One Dance," and it goes. What else would expect from someone who's name literally means 🔥?

4. Travis Scott may have quietly dropped the dollar sign, but he's also still dropping bops. His 2015 single "A Team," produced by Rihanna/Drake collaborator Allen Ritter and featuring exactly no one, has been catching steam, and for good reason.

5. The latest sultry earworm from L.A.-via-Toronto singer JAHKOY is called "all of YOU." It's hinged on a funky riff and JAHKOY's romantic, summery longing: We should get a little closer, he sings.

6. Gallant is an R&B singer who just wants to learn. Listening to "Episode"—a rich, deceptively cheerful song from his just-dropped new full-length—it sounds like all the studying has payed off.

7. Tegan and Sara have, for years, been supremely gifted at writing songs that stick inside your head and heart. "Boyfriend" is another one: a hopelessly bouncy number about dating a girl who's never dated a girl before. I don't want to be your secret anymore, it professes.

8. "ACD" by Philly shoegaze crew Nothing is another couple minutes of bleakly beautiful guitar-rock, hinged on unearthly reverb and harmonic layers that are pretty but not too pretty.

9. Maxwell's new single "Lake by the Ocean"—an early preview of his long-awaited, hopefully great new album—is expectedly airy and refreshingly retro.

10. Our favorite song from Eskimeaux's recently released mini-album is "Drunk." Maybe it's because it references a legendary Brooklyn intersection (see you at Myrtle-Broadway/ I'm shy and keep walking), or maybe it's because it makes social anxiety and hopeless longing sound so damn sweet.


Lead image: Graham Walzer, Jonathan Mannion, Frazer Harrison/Getty, Carmen Daneshmandi.

10 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week