Watch The Eric Andre Show Finally Investigate 311

The final musical performance of the season is one fans have been waiting on.

October 14, 2016

Way back in 2015, The Eric Andre Show's interview with Tyler The Creator was interrupted by a gentleman who urged viewers to "Investigate 311," a gag combining 9/11 truth conspiracy theories with the '90s ska-pop band. The phrase has become a mantra for fans as the absurdist late night talk show has grown in popularity, and for the final musical performance of the fourth season, their prayers have been answered: 311 shows up to be investigated, and you can watch a clip the investigation, premiering on The FADER today.


A performance of the band's 1995 hit "Down" is converted into an Abu Ghraib-style torture chamber, with water boarding, beatings, and a T-Pain cameo. The perfect send-off to a lunatic season for the show.

Other Guests this year on The Eric Andre Show have included Flavor Flav, T.I., Ariel Pink, Thundercat, Flying Lotus, A$AP Rocky, and Danny Brown.