15 Iconic Mom Moments

This Mothers Day, these badass moms have us low-key wishing they were ours, too.

May 12, 2017

Moms go — and as Mother's Day approaches, there's no better time to commemorate the ones who influence the lives of our faves, from their hilarious wit to when they set shit straight. From icons like Ma Dukes to Mom'ron, we rounded up 15 of our favorite moments in badass mom history to show our appreciation.


Mom and daughter matching is timeless, as proven when the pair pulled up to the 2016 MTV VMAs in coordinated, shimmering outfits.

3. When Young Thug's mom made him apologize for his inappropriate comments

After a video surfaced of the Atlanta rapper disrespecting two Alaska Airlines employees, his mother insisted that he issue an apology. In a now-deleted post, the rapper took to Instagram with a photo of himself captioned, "When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize 😔😞 sorry love ones."


“My mom wanted to give me a name where, no matter what I wanted to do, I’d be able to do it. An astronaut. President. Whatever. Leland Wayne," Metro Boomin told The FADER in his 2016 cover story.

5. When J Dilla's mom wrote and narrated a children's book on her son's life and legacy

Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancy chronicled her late son's life in The Life Story of James Dewitt Yancey, and narrated the audio version. “It's been an amazing quest for the Foundation as we gear up to support the education of youth by inspiring them to pick up an instrument and enhance their creativity and learn to appreciate the arts," she told Rolling Stone in 2016.

6. When Tina Knowles Lawson paid homage to her daughters

This is my rendition of Beyonce'

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This is my rendition of Solange❤️

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During an exceptional year for the Knowles sisters, Miss Tina Knowles Lawson took to Instagram to pay homage to her daughters, sporting their respective most iconic looks.

7. When Quavo's Mom gifted him a locket with her picture in it


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Quavo loves his mom, and the fact that she'll always be near his heart and watching over him in chain form is real love. The perfect 26th birthday present indeed.

8. When A$AP Yams' mom showed incredible strength in talking about opioid addiction

Following the passing of her beloved son and hero in the rap world, Tatianna Paulino found the strength and courage to speak out against the substances that negatively affected her son's life. “Even if it makes us uncomfortable, I wish public health messages about drugs were more clear and simple in emphasizing real concerns as opposed to hyping less likely outcomes," she wrote in a Noisey op-ed. "I wish such messages simply stated, ‘Don’t combine opioids with other sedatives!’ If they did, perhaps my son would be alive today.”

9. When Zayn Malik's mom pushed him to attend the audition that kicked off his career

"If I was in control of me going to audition for X Factor, I would have never gone because I would have never got up on the day of the audition at four in the morning," Malik reflected in his FADER cover story. "The reason I woke up is because my mom came in the room and was like, ‘You have to go audition for this show.’ I felt like I had to do it because I owed it to her.” #ThankYouZaynsMom

10. When Erykah Badu took her daughters to see their fav, Ariana Grande

Self explanatory!

11. When Frank Ocean's mom saved us all a few bucks

Just as people who'd gotten their hands on early copies of Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry zine were trying to resell them for ridiculously hiked up prices, Momma Ocean came through with the calm warning to save our money, for more zines were on the horizon. Thank you, momma Breaux!

Shout out Mom'ron.

13. When Diana Ross commemorated her daughter's Emmy nomination in a full page ad

After Tracee Ellis Ross received an Emmy nomination for her role as "Rainbow Johnson" in Black-ish, her mother Diana took out a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to congratulate her.

14. When the "Honey Bun Baby" became an out of control meme, and his mom shut down the bullshit

Ashton Howell, or "the honey bun baby," became a meme after his uncle started posting photos of him. His mom, Ariel Griggs, then told the story about her son becoming an internet sensation: "After Thanksgiving, I'm starting to see more that are the crazy ones," Griggs said in an interview. "The last couple memes I've seen, they've been a little X-rated. I don't want people looking at my baby's picture and thinking of stuff like that!"

15. When Teyana Taylor solidified her position as 2016's hottest new mom


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If Teyana Taylor's "Fade" video body didn't silence all the doubters, her Yeezy Season 4 runway appearance knocked out the rest.

15 Iconic Mom Moments