David Lynch Is Having A Moment With Tortoises In The Trailer For Lucky

The film hits theaters on September 29.

July 08, 2017

The Twin Peaks revival is nearly halfway through, but that's not stopping David Lynch from moving on to his next project. The legendary director landed a supporting role in John Carroll Lynch's directorial debut Lucky, and the trailer has finally been released.


In the indie film, David takes on the role of a cowboy hat-wearing man named Howard who is in pursuit of an escaped figure named President Roosevelt in a desert town. Turns out that the missing fugitive is a 100-year-old tortoise, but Howard is determined to find him.

Lucky revolves around the spiritual journey of a 90-year-old atheist called Lucky who is played by Harry Dean Stanton, another actor you probably recognize from the world of Twin Peaks. John told Variety that the drama "tells the story of the journey we are all on; coming to terms with the fragility of life and, if we are lucky, experiencing the precious vitality of the only thing we all share: this moment.”

After the recent incident at JFK Airport in which 40 terrapin turtles took to the runway to conduct a mating ritual and massively delayed flights out of New York, we now know that these creatures are serious trouble. It's like Howard says, "There are some things in this universe, ladies and gentlemen, that are bigger than all of us... And a tortoise is one of them!”

Lucky premieres in theaters on September 29. Watch the entire trailer in the video, above.

David Lynch Is Having A Moment With Tortoises In The Trailer For Lucky