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Court clerk who asked Meek Mill for money fired by city of Philly

Wanda Chavarria was let go after slipping Meek Mill a note asking him to pay her son’s tuition.

January 30, 2018

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A Philadelphia court clerk was fired for secretly passing a note to Meek Mill asking the rapper to pay for her son's college tuition, according to a new report in TMZ.


In her letter the clerk, named Wanda Chavarria, claimed that dire financial straits was leading her to reach out to Meek Mill. She wrote, "This will probably be my son's last semester at VCU if the tuition isn't paid for this year and unfortunately with my bad credit, I am unable to secure a loan or co-sign a loan for my son." A spokesman for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania confirmed Chavarria's firing to

Chavarria was serving as a clerk for Judge Genece Brinkley, who claimed not to know about the note. However, Meek Mill's attorneys are alleging that Chavarria also asked Meek Mill for money in front of the judge. Brinkley ended up sentencing Meek Mill to two to four years in prison for violating the terms of his probation.


Court officials did not reveal to TMZ if Chavarria's actions will force the court to reassess Meek Mill's sentence.

Meek Mill's legal team have alleged that Judge Brinkley behaved inappropriately towards their client. She had a "vendetta" against the rapper and asked him to record a Boyz II Men cover, attorney Joe Tacopina claimed in an interview. Soon after, Meek Mill's legal team filed a motion of recusal for Judge Brinkley alleging that she asked the rapper to leave his management team at Roc Nation and return to a former business partner, Charles Alston. In an interview with The FADER, Tacopina suggested that Brinkley had personal connections with Alston.

A second recusal motion was also filed, citing a reported FBI investigation into Brinkley's conduct in Meek Mill's case. "The existence of a federal investigation involving Judge Brinkley’s conduct regarding Mr. Williams, combined with Judge Brinkley’s awareness of that investigation, raises further doubt as to her ability to preside impartially, and thus is an additional factor supporting recusal," Meek Mill's team wrote in documents obtained by The FADER, which claim that they have known about the FBI's investigation since 2016.


The FADER has reached out to a representative for Meek Mill for comment.

Court clerk who asked Meek Mill for money fired by city of Philly