Kanye West tweeted “2024” and Twitter thinks it’s a political hint

Has Kanye 2020 been delayed four years?

April 25, 2018

This week posters were spotted in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles promoting a 2024 Kanye West presidential campaign. Anonymous right wing streets artists subsequently claimed responsibility for the campaign and hailed the rapper's promotion of conservative activist Candace Owens as "a watershed moment for this country."


On Tuesday night Kanye tweeted "2024" from his recently-revived Twitter account. He followed that soon after with the message, "spread love." While it's hardly a commitment to running for president, the tweet can be read as an acknowledgement that Kanye has seen the posters cropping up around the country. As HypeBeast already pointed out, he posted a since-deleted tweet containing a photo of the posters and a thinking Emoji.

Kanye has form for hinting at a run for president. In August 2015 he announced his intention to run in 2020. This latest tweet has seen many suggest he has delayed the move by a term, perhaps to allow his friend Donald Trump to finish a possible second term.

Check out the response to Kanye's tweet below. The FADER has reached out for more information.

Kanye West tweeted “2024” and Twitter thinks it’s a political hint