Yung Baby Tate reimagines The Powerpuff Girls for her “Pretty Girl” Remix video

Celebrate International Women’s Day with this Atlanta bop.

March 08, 2019

In February, Atlanta-based singer, rapper, and producer Yung Baby Tate released her latest offering with GIRLS. The 11-track project (in which every song has the word "girl" in it) was inspired by the women Tate has encountered throughout her life, as well as the different moods she regularly finds herself in. One of its standouts and most club-ready is "Pretty Girls (Remix)," which features her fellow ATL lyricists Killumantii and Mulatto. So it's fitting that on International Women's Day we premiere the song's new video on The FADER.


The Des Gray-directed video is inspired by The Powerpuff Girls, which would explain why Tate and her friends (and just about everything in the video) follows the cartoon characters' love for pink, green, and blue. "Growing up some of my favorite cartoons were The Powerpuff Girls, My Life As A Teenage Robot, and Kim Possible," Tate said in an email. "These were shows where girls were the ones kicking butt, fighting crime, and saving the day every episode. As a young girl that representation made me feel so powerful, like I could conquer the world and make it a better place too. With this video and collaboration I wanted to bring that feeling to the young girls who look up to me. Girls can team up and shine together to make the world so bright and so beautiful." Watch the video above.

Yung Baby Tate reimagines The Powerpuff Girls for her “Pretty Girl” Remix video