Watch Yves Jarvis’s new video for “360”

Off the Montreal-based artist’s most recent album, The Same But By Different Means.

July 02, 2019

Earlier this year, Canadian artist Yves Jarvis released his sophomore album The Same But By Different Means, an imaginative and layered project that ties an array of genre-jumping miniatures together with ambient intention. On "360," Jarvis dabbles in sunshiney sixties pop and a bit of nu-gospel. Today, he's sharing a new video for the track that features Jarvis doused in blue light.


“This video is meant to illustrate the lyrical content of the song “360” with the dynamics of the camera’s zoom,” Jarvis wrote in a statement. ”Through ecstatic zoom-ins/outs in direct response to both the video and the songs cadence, the performances are met and elevated. The lines between direction and performance are non-existent here, as I intended to both possess the frame in real time and through the subsequent editing in order to altogether embolden these notions.”

Watch "360" above and check out The Same But By Different Means in its entirety below.

Watch Yves Jarvis’s new video for “360”