Check out three new mind-bending tracks from Sam Gendel

“Blueblackred,” “Gu Shi,” and “La Guerra Di Pierro” arrive with the announcement of his next sonic saga, Superstore, due June 10.

May 05, 2022
Check out three new mind-bending tracks from Sam Gendel Photo by Marcella Cytrynowicz.  

Last February, amid a slew of collaborations, Sam Gendel released Fresh Bread a towering, 52-track double LP. Today, he's announced that record's follow-up, Superstore, and shared three of its 34 songs with the listening public. Mastered by Matthewdavid McQueen, the album is adorned with original drawings by Marcella Cytrynowicz and features musical contributions from four of Gendel's friends, though the vast majority of the project finds him working alone.


"Blueblackred" and "La Guerra Di Pierro," which arrived today, are two such solo singles — the former a minute-long jazz miniature centering horns that squeal like rusty breaks, the latter a slightly longer slurry of glitchy Italian speech, triumphant acoustic guitar, and some jarring, disjunct drum-like sounds. "Gu Shi," also out now, features Philippe Melanson on "e-percussion" and Blake Mills on synth guitar, each adding his own eccentricities to the track's off-kilter funk aesthetic.

Listen to the three new songs and view Superstore's full tracklist and credits below.

Sam Gendel Superstore tracklist

1. Sx Mrnng
2. Blueblackred
3. Gu Shi
4. LAX Tunnel
5. MFV
6. Foothammer
7. Blue in Green
8. Alors
10. Cans
11. Loop 53
12. Two-Tone
13. Sustain_02
14. Pi_1
15. La Guerra Di Piero
16. My <3 Sing
17. Suzuki Mini
18. Quad
19. Sx Ftrnn
20. Ggoonngg
21. Pi_2
22. Pan
23. Wave-Mini
24. Pinwheel
25. Otramusica
26. Saiko
27. Rolo
28. Sequoia Sam
29. Squid
30. Valley Park
31. Cats is Sad
32. Surfside
33. Suzuki Mini 2
34. Sx Nght

Sam Gendel Superstore credits

Sam Gendel - All Music
Marcella Cytrynowicz - Original Drawings
Philippe Melanson - E-Percussion [Gu Shi, Saiko]
Gabe Noel - Electric Bass [Saiko]
Blake Mills - Synth Guitar [Gu Shi]
Kevin Yokota - Drum Kit [Two-Tone]
Matthewdavid McQueen - Mastering

Check out three new mind-bending tracks from Sam Gendel