Beyonce “Till the End of Time” MP3


This song has so much shit going on that it’s hard to know where to start. Beyonce pretty much threw in everything but the kitchen sink—marching band beats, obtuse vocal samples (trend alert: same Jai Paul sample from Drake’s new song, only sped up) and then echoed and splintered her own voice into, at times, beautiful three-part harmonies. But somehow, even with so many ideas going on, it’s a much more cohesive statement than the first single from 4Run The World (Girls)”, which suffers, in part, from over-ambition. Not this time. “Till the End of Time” is perfectly Beyonce, sweetly angelic but also bombastic, a big call-to-attention.

Download: Beyonce, “Til the End of Time

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  1. alright says:

    Diplo still sucks though

  2. Musiclover says:

    SONG IS DOPE, FADER this is what REAL music and vocal production sounds like, whoever posted this article, you must be a HIP HOP HEAD used to SYNTHS all over the place and non layered vocals, and unfinished half mixed songs

    THIS SONG IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Shawn says:

    Great song. Just want to point out that saying “Beyonce threw in everything but the kitchen sink…” and “Beyonce splintered her own voice…” isn’t right…her producer did that. No way she put that beat/those effects together, tho she was probably around in the studio giving advice or whatever.

  4. Tom Bardwell says:

    i like the bridge. perfect Beyonce moment.

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  7. Hip Hop Fanatic says:

    Are you kidding me? I think this song is pretty terrible! There’s TOO much going on, and Beyonce’s voice sounds very unnatural and almost completely distorted.

  8. J O S H says:

    Gahh , Cann $hee Get All Thiss HateRadee Up Off HeR , $hee Wanted To TRy $umthinq ” NEW ” , NietheR You With It oR Aqainst It , ( If You Aqainist It FUCK Off ) ” DONT ” Listen To HeR $hxt Bottom Linee .

  9. J O S H says:

    Either *

  10. Alex Frank says:


    I think I agree with you here. She’s definitely reaching for new things and I think we have to stay open and receptive to new things.