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Beyonce "Till the End of Time" MP3

This song has so much shit going on that it's hard to know where to start. Beyonce pretty much threw in everything but the kitchen sink—marching band beats, obtuse vocal samples (trend alert: same Jai Paul sample from Drake's new song, only sped up) and then echoed and splintered her own voice into, at times, beautiful three-part harmonies. But somehow, even with so many ideas going on, it's a much more cohesive statement than the first single from 4 "Run The World (Girls)”, which suffers, in part, from over-ambition. Not this time. "Till the End of Time" is perfectly Beyonce, sweetly angelic but also bombastic, a big call-to-attention.

Download: Beyonce, "Til the End of Time"

Beyonce "Till the End of Time" MP3